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across the street to another set of row homes, the fire union says they also flirted with widespread disaster. >> they depleted [ indiscernible ] that's how bad our department or low our department has sunk. >> reporter: the union said last night's fire spent a significant amount of already taxed resources, so much so the city called in fire crews from four surrounding counties and even washington, d.c., a move the union says proves how a decade long of budget cuts and three recent fire company closings have compromised public safety. >> the citizens of baltimore should beout outraged -- should be outraged that the mayor and city council have allowed the deterioration of the baltimore city fire department to the standard it's at now. >> any jurisdiction that would have experienced a fire of that magnitude certainly would have been nearly taxed as well. >> reporter: the administration believes the rotating closures didn't help last night, but
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didn't exactly hurt. closures are a reality of budget cuts and the department credits agreements it has with surrounding areas to help extinguish yesterday's fierce flames. >> as we struck out additional alarm assignments, they came in and engaged in firefighting as well. so it worked as the system should. >> reporter: a system the union insists is broken, without rotating foreclosures, they say -- closures, they say, four more baltimore fire companies would have been on shift last night and there would be no need to depend on crews from as far away as hartford county and d.c., a move iaf says endangered the citizens of baltimore city. >> when i went to bed last night, when they went to bed last night, they weren't necessarily as safe as they should have been. >> reporter: meanwhile, fire investigators still do not have a cause for yesterday's fires. brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> thanks, brian. a barricade situation in
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baltimore city. it happened around 8:45 this morning in the 1600 block of mount moore count in west baltimore. the suspect was wanted on an attempted murder warrant. a couple of hours later he was taken into police custody. no one was hurt. tonight three people are in jail accused of stabbing a man at a reisterstown gas station. it happened around 12:30 this morning at the shell station on reisterstown road near franklin boulevard. the 20-year-old man is in critical condition tonight at shock trauma. and police in baltimore county have released the name of a man shot by police in a food line parking lot early this week. investigators say that 45-year- old henry harris, jr. attacked an officer and struggled to get his gun. it happened monday at the king point square shopping center in randallstown, a second officer arrived and shot harris twice in the chest. both officers are now on
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routine leave pending the outcome of the investigation. harris is charged with attempted murder and assault. a former employee is suing anne arundel county executive john lee poland for alleged -- leopold for alleged sexual harassment in the workplace. it seeks hundreds of thousands of dollars in back pay after a worker claimed she was filed after she claims he made unwanted sexual advances. >> reporter: the lawsuit suggests he used the power of his office to try to gain access to women he favored and punish those he did not. joe leopold showed his tough side after a federal police officer shot and killed someone's pet at a public dog park. >> we are not going to tolerate this behavior. >> reporter: but now it's leopold's alleged behavior towards some females in his office place that's become the subject of a sexual harassment and gender lawsuit. >> i think he is truly almost
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addicted like a gambling person might be to women. it's an impulse you can't do anything about because you could go this is a guy in power. why would he do it so openly and i think it's because he really can't. >> reporter: the allegations range from unwanted sexual advances and the dismissal of a former employee to claims he used binoculars to pick out pretty women entering the building and ordered suburb nance to find -- subordinates to find out their identities. some female employees spoke out in defense of the county executive. >> he's a good man, he treats us with respect and i'm with him every day all day long. >> reporter: now the plaintiff's attorney claims even those women were coached on what to say. >> while it may not have been said specifically that if you don't do this, you're in trouble, but the implication is clear. >> reporter: in a written statement, leopold says he's disgusted by the lies and
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innuendo contained in this lawsuit. he goes on to say this is ugly politics and character assassination at its worst. >> i could care less about politics to be honest with you. i may have my own political views, but he could be democrat, republican, i don't -- it makes no difference to me. this is a man who is doing something that he shouldn't be doing in his position. >> reporter: a spokesman for the county executive says some of the women initially named in a draft of that lawsuit have since denounced the allegations as untrue and have been dropped from it. the former employee who remains is seeking $300,000 in damages. jeff hager, abc2 news. >> thanks, jeff. sweep takes company publishers clearinghouse will pay $3.5 million to maryland, 31 other states in washington, d.c. as part of a court agreement over allegations of deceptive marketing practices. the state will receive $40,000 for consumer education as part
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of that payment. back in 2001, the sweeps stake company was accused of mailing promotional materials that misled consumers to believe that purchases would increase their odds of winning. the new judgment includes additional restrictions to prevent consumers from being deceived. what a nice day we had out there today, a little breezy and temperatures much cooler. more fall like you would have to say as most of us struggled to get out of the mid to upper 70s. take a look at some of the numbers right now this afternoon. 76 at the inner harbor, 75 for ma annapolis, warmer down toward d.c. but most of us in the 70s all day today. look at some of these gusts of wind out there. we still got an enhanced fire risk across the state because extremely dry conditions and you throw in those gusty winds and it is a bad time to do any kind of outdoor burning. visible satellite view all clear. just a few passing clouds. this evening looking nice, 60s, clear and windy, sunset coming up 7:25. we will talk about your weekend forecast. there is the chance for some much needed rain, a slim one.
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we will talk about that coming up. kelly. >> thanks a lot, wyatt. we are learning more tonight about tom brady's car accident. the new england patriots' quarterback was in a two car crash near his home but not hurt. hours after the crash brady practiced as usual with the team. the crash is in boston's back bay area, knocked over a light pole and sent i-passenger in the other vehicle -- sent a passenger in the other vehicle to the hospital with injures. the two time super bowl mvp was approaching the intersection on a green light when his audi collided with a minivan. so far no charges have been filed. good news tonight about dri 15eu69 -- safety. traffic deaths at their lowest level in 60 years. according to the national highway traffic administration, the number of people killed on u.s. highways last year dropped 9.7% from the previous year. maryland reported 547 traffic
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deaths last year, compared with 591 in 2008, a decrease of about 7.4%. and nationwide, motorcycle deaths fell for the first time in 11 years abc2 is working to help couples having issues with infertility by giving them different options. coming up you can meet one couple who used in vitro to start their family. and hundreds of women thought they were cancer-free after a mammogram at one hospital. how a worker changed the test results. plus, the temptation for college students to sign up for credit cards is now a thing of the past. we are going to tell you what's behind the big change. and looking at baltimore, currently sitting at 75 degrees from leland park elementary school. wyatt has got a complete look at your forecast coming up in just a few. for great gas mileage
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i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress.
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we have breaking news out of florida tonight. the pastor of a church who had
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organized the qur'an burning scheduled for this weekend now says the event has been cancelled. the church has some under harsh criticism for its plans to burn qur'ans on september 11th. even u.s. military leaders warned that going through with the burning could further endanger u.s. troops overseas. we are going to have much more on this story coming up on abc2 news at 6:00 and 11:00. you know, when getting pregnant doesn't happen naturally, many couples turn to in vitro fertilization to have a baby. in tonight's take five, linda so tells us how ivf helped one local couple overcome infertility. >> reporter: there's never a dull moment with twins matthew and hailey. these 2-year-olds are into everything. >> now that they are here, life has never been the same. >> reporter: life wasn't always this way for rebecca tease. it took a while for her to get pregnant. >> i had a feeling something
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was off. >> reporter: after trying for a while, they knew it was time to see a doctor. rebecca was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. >> you don't have anywhere to find answers. you don't know exactly what is wrong, so you don't exactly know how to fix it. >> reporter: for rebecca, the fix came when she went to shady grove fertility center. her doctor recommended in vitro fertilization, a procedure where a woman's eggs are fertilized with sperm outside the walk and it is transferred into the uterus. the doctor says the success rate depends on the woman's age. >> patients under 35 can expect to have a 50/50 chance of pregnancy every time they try or higher. patients over 43 expect a 5% chance of success. >> reporter: it paid off for rebecca when she found out she was pregnant with twins. >> i kind of knew i had a weird dream beforehand and so i knew that something had happened, something good had happened. >> reporter: it's the good that comes with having two little
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ones around, family now complete with plenty to smile about. in sykesville, linda so, abc2 news. on tomorrow on good morning maryland, adoption and how it was the right choice for one family looking to make a difference. we are counting the days until maryland's race for the cure, it is set for sunday, october 3rd in hunt valley. abc2 news will be live on the air to broadcast the event, sunday 7:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. you can still register for the race at, click on the "lifestyle" tab and click think pink. a hospital worker is accused of submitting false mammogram results for hundreds of women. she allegedly told them the results were normal, even though a doctor had never even read the scans. now some of the women are just now finding out that they do actually have cancer. three years ago, merriam mizel was diagnosed with colorectal
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cancer, it spread to her liver and lungs, then in april another devastating diagnosis. doctors discovered breast cancer. miriam had had a mammogram nearly two years ago, but investigators say a radiology technician intentionally submitted her test and hundreds of others with false results. >> it was like i've been through so much already and now it's like i got my teeth kicked in. >> horrible story. the technician processed nearly 1300 mammograms -- we have been told, rather, a grand jury indicted her for reckless conduct and computer fraud. she faces up to 160 years in prison and that was 10 of those have now been told they have breast cancer. now the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate and maryland's most powerful
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doppler radar. >> i like old star, i'll take two even. >> still have a 5-year-old. >> we get a carbon copy tomorrow, maybe not quite as windy. that will be good. still one -- you know, if there's a downside at all to this beautiful fall weather it's going to be things are so dry, you have to be careful of any kind of outdoor flame or burning. other than that, though, we need rain in here. we think we might get it early saturday morning. beautiful day across baltimore. one of those times of year that most people tend to love. i mean, we are getting the beginning of the change of seasons, but for the most part, you know, it's not too chilly but on the other hand, certainly not too hot. 76 degrees right now, humidity bone dry, 33%, and winds northwest at 15. we have seen some gusts 25, even higher through the day today. i want to show you a couple conditions across the area today with our exclusive weather net. you can see we are 73 downtown actually now and through the
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day today, beautiful blue skies, you had to love it. we did see just a couple of those fair weather cumulus clouds through the afternoon, thin, high clouds, not a bad deal at all. temperatures were great, mid to upper 70s, neighborhood by neighborhood, we've got 76 from bel air for a high today northeast was 75, clarksville only to 77 and bethesda warmer at 84. wind gusts this afternoon, still gusting to 30 in hagerstown right now, so a nice, mild day but windy and again just a little too dry for our taste even in this part of the year, which is typically a relatively dry time of the year for us here in maryland. 76bwi right now, the beach also at 76 there at ocean city airport. humidity very low, dry conditions, that's been the theme. we are going to keep that theme going. next few days staying nice and dry, we are all clear across the region now. no reason to believe that won't
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hold up, at least until saturday evening and sunday morning. our next weather maker beginning to develop, another front will come through, a little bit of a disturbance spinning out into the lower midwest. as we get closer in timing, we will have a better feeling for this but right now we think about a 50% chance of showers in here overnight saturday into sunday. it depends if we can get enough moisture to build up out ahead of that next front. in the meantime the one that came through yesterday still helping to pull in the much cooler air we experienced out there. as we go into the day on saturday -- i mean saturday -- friday and saturday, actually, partly cloudy skies. there's that next boundary that we hope will bring in a couple of showers through the overnight period on saturday night and that would be great timing, bringing -- it will sink in through the ground a little bit. tropical storm igor not looking all that impressive. we expect it to strike into a hurricane and continue to track
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steadily westward toward the western caribbean. 53, mostly clear, tomorrow, 76, mostly sunny, mild and breezy, great looking friday to kick off the weekend. tomorrow night, much cooler, actually. 52 degrees overnight. so that's going to be rather cool night for you. the weekend, we warm it up just a little bit by sunday. again, the chance for showers will be there, overnight saturday into sunday, and then i think we are dry sunday afternoon, very dry outlook for next week, mild start to the week too, in the low 80s. kelly. >> thanks a lot, wyatt. today five schools in maryland were named blue ribbon award winners by the u.s. department of education. eastern technology in baltimore county, howard county, northern middle school in calvert county, new market elementary school in fled rick county and northwestern elementary school
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in wicomico county. it honors students who achieve at very high levels and help close gaps in achievement. tonight we have new guidelines in the treatment of sudden cashing -- cardiac arrest. what a new study is telling us about the precious seconds that could save a life. when you think of fashion, you might think of those wafer thin models but now high fashion is plus size and taking center stage in new york city. storm gear and promotional consideration provided by l.l. bean. [ male announcer ] it's sunday afternoon.
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we've got a hot bunch of stories heading your way at 5:30. hello, everyone. i'm roosevelt leftwich. the state is afraid that things are going to get too hot. little rain means dry
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conditions and they are afraid of fire. and hurricane earl actually did a good thing. we will show you how fear of flooding resulted in a town finding a historical gold mine. and do those jeans make you look fat? the truth is that you may be fat as clothing makers are caught trying to make men think they are skinny. >> thanks, rosie. we will look forward to that. in tonight's health alerts, emergency medical personnel across the country see about 300,000 people in sudden cardiac arrest each year. compression only cpr is not the recommended emergency response but a new study finds that chest compression before defibrillation is just as successful as the immediate use of a defibrillator for those who have had a heart attack. dr. timothy johnson explains tonight. >> reporter: only about 8% of people who go into sudden cardiac arrest outside a hospital survive.
5:25 pm
current guidelines strongly recommend immediate defibrillation, a treatment in which an electric device gives an electric shock to the heart. but a new study found that chest compressions before defibrillation are as successful as using a defibrillator immediately on the patient and in situations with an emergency response time longer than five minutes, chest compressions seem to actually have a better outcome when used before defibrillation. researchers from the university of michigan health systems gathered data from four clinical trials that included more than 1500 patients, because the survival rate is so low for people who go into sudden cardiac arrest, researchers said there is an urgent need to figure out the best way to save lives of those whose hearts stop. the american heart association currently suggests that bystanders immediately begin chest compressions until medical personnel arrive on the scene. with this medical minute, i'm
5:26 pm
dr. timothy johnson. hurricane earl is getting credit for historic find. we will explain coming up on abc2 news at 5:30 which starts for you in just two minutes. ♪
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[ male announcer ] new inventory. ♪ new equipment. new trucks. new hires. ♪ new space. ♪ new markets. achievement seizes new opportunity. go to to see how we can help your cash flow situation. pnc. for the achiever in us all.
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you're watching the station that works for you, abc2 two news at 5:30. dry weather, high winds and low humidity all add up to a dangerous situation for many maryland counties. good evening, everyone, i'm roosevelt leftwich. many areas have been put on a fire alert. abc2's don harrison has more. >> reporter: wildfires are easily set, can spread quickly. 13 counties in maryland have been issued a red flag warning by the national weather service. that means critical fire weather conditions are occurring now or will be soon with a combination of high winds and dry conditions.
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>> it's green but that doesn't mean the plants are dry as can be. >> reporter: battalion chief says at this time of year the winds can be the biggest problems causing the fire to spread. >> the plants are rocking back and forth with the slight breeze we are having. they are rocking because they are dry. any wind is going to make them move a lot and makes the fire spread faster. it takes just a cigarette butt to get them started but a little gust of wind spreads them literally like a wildfire. >> reporter: several things can cause wildfires, lightning, unattended fire, cigarette butts and machinery. the biggest cause of fires is open air burning. the fires can quickly spread to residential areas. >> not only can it burn to a house, it can jump from the field to a house by embers being wind born. you have a pretty ember blow from, you know, a good distance away. >> reporter: fire officials tell me that even if a small portion of this field caught fire, with the way the conditions are today, this field could be fully engd

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